Driving Success

Our properties perform so well because our people and our processes work so well together. Our expertise and integrated technologies help us operate at a higher level. From recruiting and onboarding, to leadership development we take great pride in investing in our teams across the country.


We’re always looking for the best of the best. We want associates who are passionate about helping others, want to make a difference, and embrace constant innovation. That’s why we empower our associates to make decisions that let them be successful in each of those areas. In doing so, we help them set clear goals in their individual career paths.

Join Our Team

Kairoi U

Our Kairoi U focuses on evolving the leadership and development of our corporate and on-site teams. From our executive leadership to our on-site technicians—and every role in between—we foster an environment based on our core values.

On-Boarding Program

This program addresses one-on-one needs with individual assessments based on their background. This allows us to tailor the training to them, including how they like to learn, whether it be through online courses through RealPage, traditional classroom settings, or one-on-one mentoring.

4 Areas of Focus

For Kairoi, sales, customer service, communication and leadership are all equal drivers of our excellence. Out of all of those, we choose to pursue leadership first because we want to empower leaders to make the best possible decisions. When we create great leaders, it impacts all of the other pillars: with strong two-way communication, we drive superior customer service through sales.

We utilize Behavior Assessment Tools like the DISC Assessment and training to teach associates their individual style of communication to enhance resident interactions.

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