Travis Brown Headshot

Travis Brown

Regional Facilities Coordinator

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Michael J. Lynd, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer

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Sam Kasparek

Managing Partner

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Daniel Zunker

President of Development

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Madison Marceau

President of Acquisitions

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Tammy Freiling, CPA

Chief Financial Officer of Property Management

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Kari Warren

Chief Operating Officer of Property Management

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Tyler Sibley

Principal of Development

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Tony Curp

Senior Vice President of Development

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Vic Young

Senior Vice President of Construction

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Julie Tatom

Senior Vice President

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Andrew Pollard

Senior Vice President of Development

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Michelle Alicea

Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations

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Connie Arambula

Vice President and General Counsel

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Madeline Biasiolli

Vice President of Design and Marketing

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Chuck Briant Headshot

Chuck Briant

Vice President of Asset Management

Micheline Cruz, CPA

Vice President of Accounting

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Claudette Guerrero

Vice President of Human Resources

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Leigh Anne Haddock, CPA Headshot

Leigh Anne Haddock, CPA

Vice President of Accounting

Paulee Halloran

Vice President of Asset Management

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Jasper Martin

Vice President of Acquisitions

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Derrick Mattiza

Vice President of Construction

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Elizabeth Meyers

Vice President of Client Experience

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Ricky Skaggs

Vice President of Construction Services and Facilities

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David Thomson

Vice President of Private Client Services

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Randy Brown

Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives

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Christopher Crane Headshot

Christopher Crane

Senior Director of Finance - Development

Jennifer Davila

Senior Director of Development Accounting

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Nadia Hepner, CAM

Director of Operations

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Annalisa Lavoie Headshot

Annalisa Lavoie

Director of Operations

Olivia Loudis Headshot

Olivia Loudis

Director of Operations

Melissa Steed

Director of Operations

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Sharon Bursiek

Director of Revenue Management

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Ryan Brady Headshot

Ryan Brady

Director of Capital Markets

Ronny Bryant Headshot

Ronny Bryant

Director of Technology Services

JoEllen Eggert Headshot

JoEllen Eggert

Director of Development

Bjorn Jespersen

Project Executive - Construction

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Jenni McCurdy Headshot

Jenni McCurdy

Director of Software Services

Rya Ortiz Headshot

Rya Ortiz

Director of Associate Development

Mary Santos

Director of Property Accounting

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Carrie Walley, CPA Headshot

Carrie Walley, CPA

Director of External Reporting

Angelica Zamora Headshot

Angelica Zamora

Director of Corporate Accounting

Olivia Juarez Headshot

Olivia Juarez

Human Resources Business Partner

Dustin Pyatte Headshot

Dustin Pyatte

Operations Manager

Gregory Adolf Headshot

Gregory Adolf

Regional Manager

Chandler Barker, CAM, CAPS Headshot

Chandler Barker, CAM, CAPS

Regional Manager

Andrea Borjon Headshot

Andrea Borjon

Regional Manager

Tracy Bussard Headshot

Tracy Bussard

Regional Manager

Tori Casero Headshot

Tori Casero

Regional Manager

Tyler Hays Headshot

Tyler Hays

Regional Manager

Erica Johnson Headshot

Erica Johnson

Regional Manager

Hannah Loseke Headshot

Hannah Loseke

Regional Manager

Lynsee Mann Headshot

Lynsee Mann

Regional Manager

Alli Martin Headshot

Alli Martin

Regional Manager

Marti Olsen Headshot

Marti Olsen

Regional Manager

Theresa Parkinson Headshot

Theresa Parkinson

Regional Manager

Jennifer Saa Headshot

Jennifer Saa

Regional Manager

Brittany Stout Headshot

Brittany Stout

Regional Manager

Clay White Headshot

Clay White

Regional Manager

Ally Woolsey Headshot

Ally Woolsey

Regional Marketing Manager

Raymond De Leon Headshot

Raymond De Leon

Regional Facilities Manager

Marina Padilla Headshot

Marina Padilla

Senior Events Manager

Carlos Pisani Headshot

Carlos Pisani

Senior Construction Manager

Paige Wilkerson Headshot

Paige Wilkerson

Senior Marketing Manager

Jessica Uresti Headshot

Jessica Uresti

Senior Recruiting Manager

Charles Bagby Headshot

Charles Bagby

Development Accounting Manager

Krista Bragg Headshot

Krista Bragg

Construction Services and Facilities Manager

Diana Bryant Headshot

Diana Bryant

Payroll and Benefits Manager

Lisa Calderon Headshot

Lisa Calderon

Training and Talent Development Manager

Wayne Davis Headshot

Wayne Davis

Project Manager

Kelsey Kolb Headshot

Kelsey Kolb

Marketing Manager

Nick File Headshot

Nick File

Development Associate

Scott Dziuk Headshot

Scott Dziuk

Accounting Manager

Devin Davis Headshot

Devin Davis

Accounting Manager

Nadine Haibach Headshot

Nadine Haibach

Accounting Manager

Chris Furlong Headshot

Chris Furlong

Risk Manager

Michael Hang Headshot

Michael Hang

Development Manager

Chance Givens Headshot

Chance Givens

Construction Manager

Chris Morgan

Construction Manager

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Melanie Smith Headshot

Melanie Smith

Marketing Brand Program Manager

Katelin Vieira Headshot

Katelin Vieira

Training Programs Manager

Bernice Romero Headshot

Bernice Romero

Technology Services Team Lead

Adie Morine Headshot

Adie Morine

Executive Assistant

Natalie Laurent Headshot

Natalie Laurent

Executive Assistant

Andrew Satz Headshot

Andrew Satz

Lead Accountant

Briggitt Blanco Headshot

Briggitt Blanco

Senior Marketing & Design Coordinator

Koiana Madison Headshot

Koiana Madison

Senior Marketing Coordinator

Irma Magallanez Headshot

Irma Magallanez

Senior Accountant External Reporting

Misti Meeks Headshot

Misti Meeks

Senior Administrative Assistant

Connor Howden

Senior Acquisitions Associate

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Zofia Pisulski Headshot

Zofia Pisulski

Lead Accountant - External Reporting

Robert Bushman-Guertin Headshot

Robert Bushman-Guertin

Property Accountant II

Megan Escobedo Headshot

Megan Escobedo

Accountant II

Lyndsey Garcia Headshot

Lyndsey Garcia

Property Accountant II

Akino Martin Headshot

Akino Martin

Property Accountant II

Andy McCray Headshot

Andy McCray

Accountant II

Sonya O’Neil Headshot

Sonya O’Neil

Property Accountant I

Krystina Wiles Headshot

Krystina Wiles

Corporate Accountant I

Ana Guajardo Headshot

Ana Guajardo

Property Accountant

Kensey Winget Headshot

Kensey Winget

Development Accountant

Aaron Miller Headshot

Aaron Miller

Staff Accountant

Korey Gessler Headshot

Korey Gessler


Lindsey Thomas Headshot

Lindsey Thomas

Regional Marketing Coordinator

Rachel Torres Headshot

Rachel Torres

Retention Coordinator

Michael Jarratt Headshot

Michael Jarratt

Project Coordinator

Michael Murray Headshot

Michael Murray

Project Coordinator

Johnny Roberts Headshot

Johnny Roberts

Regional Support Coordinator

Ben Pesina Headshot

Ben Pesina

Regional Facilities Coordinator

Roland Salinas Headshot

Roland Salinas

Regional Facilities Coordinator

Cody Smiley Headshot

Cody Smiley

Regional Facilities Coordinator

Leslie Fischer Headshot

Leslie Fischer

Payroll Coordinator

Aviana Marcano Headshot

Aviana Marcano

Operations Coordinator

Megan Smith Headshot

Megan Smith

Marketing and Design Coordinator

James Castillo Headshot

James Castillo

Treasury Specialist

Joe Leal Headshot

Joe Leal

Accounting Specialist

Violet Rivera Headshot

Violet Rivera

Desktop Support Specialist

Jason Mohandessi Headshot

Jason Mohandessi

Accountant I

Liz Flores Headshot

Liz Flores

Accounting Specialist

Marlene Reyna Headshot

Marlene Reyna

Accounting Specialist

Britany Morris Headshot

Britany Morris

Revenue Management Analyst

Anwar Garcia El Haber Headshot

Anwar Garcia El Haber

Development Analyst

Sam Roark Headshot

Sam Roark

Asset Management Analyst

Juana Suarez Headshot

Juana Suarez

Marketing Systems Analyst

Cecily Lard Headshot

Cecily Lard

Contracts Administrator

Anna Breland Headshot

Anna Breland

Graphic Designer

Connor Clements Headshot

Connor Clements

Human Resources Associate

Elizabeth Walton Headshot

Elizabeth Walton

Development Associate

Ryan Roper Headshot

Ryan Roper

Development Analyst

Nadynn Natividad Headshot

Nadynn Natividad

Learning Ambassador

Brooklyn Becker Headshot

Brooklyn Becker

Marketing Assistant

Jake Fortune Headshot

Jake Fortune

Marketing Assistant

Sabreena Roubal Headshot

Sabreena Roubal

Marketing Assistant

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